A Journey to Victoria Falls in the Heart of Africa

Victoria Falls Africa

A soon as we completed our journey to Niagara Falls, we flew to Victoria Falls in the heart of Africa. This part of the world hosts the prodigious landscapes and waterfalls including Victoria Falls, which is the largest waterfall in the world. The locals also call it Mosi-o-Tunya meaning, “Smoke that thunders” as the Zambezi River falls off a cliff into the boiling pot forming the specter of Victoria Falls. This natural waterfall, which is, also a heritage site falls on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe, and a huge source of tourism economy for the two countries.

Setting eyes on the scenes of Victoria Falls is a breathtaking experience and in the words of Livingstone, “the angels must gaze upon them in flight”.  Livingstone was a European explorer who discovered this spectacular waterfall and named it after Queen Victoria. Tourism to this glorious natural phenomenon has increased recently and a few hundred thousand people journey here each year.


Exploring the Beauty of Waterfalls from Zimbabwean Side


When we started our quest to Victoria Falls from the Zimbabwean side, we decided to follow the recommended route by our tour guide. There are 16 viewpoints of significance starting from the statue of Livingstone to the Railway Bridge, which is the last viewpoint. The statue of Livingstone is facing the main falls and this is where the journey starts. Next Viewpoint is 73 flight of steps known as Chain Walk. This is a steep walk, which gives a clear view of the gorges but only a few among us decided to take on this challenge. There are three viewpoints on this route, which give a view of the Devils Cataract and the Cataract Island. Devils Cataract is the lowest fall among all the falls here.

When we reached the Viewpoint 7, the sun was setting in front of us. It is one of the best spots to view the main falls, which is where the most waterfalls into the boiling pot. The atmosphere of this place is chilling as strong winds blow here and the place reverberates owing to the fall of water. There were more tourists on this spot than any other point on the route. There are other significant viewpoints on this route from where we witnessed the majestic stature of the Devil’s pool and the Livingstone islands. In the end, we reached the Railway Bridge, which lies 110m above the water level, and it is an attractive spot for bungee jumpers and swingers. The bridge also links Zimbabwe to Zambia.


Exploring the Beauty of Waterfalls from the Zambian Side   


Since the Victoria Falls lie at the border to Zimbabwe and Zambia, it can be viewed from both sides. We had come here on a Kaza Univisa, which gives the right to visit both sides of the waterfalls. You can also cross to the other side of the fall through the Railway Bridge, which links the two countries. This is a 20 minutes’ walk, which makes for one of the best adventures on this journey. There are three viewpoints on the Zambian side, which provide spectacular scenes for the tourists. On this side, we spent some time in the National Park and walked on the Knife-Edge Bridge. The Zambian side brings you more close to the falls and during the days of the flood, the spray from the fall can get you wet.

We spent few days on this side before we continued our journey towards other popular destinations in Africa.


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