Top 4 Tourist Attractions in Gotland, Sweden

Gotland, Sweden castle

Gotland Sweden is one of the most popular summer destinations in Europe. It is the summer vacation island of southeast Sweden, just like Tromso is to Norway. Annually, thousands of tourists come here to enjoy the landscape; the beaches; and festivals such as Medieval Week in August. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and you can arrive there by sea or air.

We have listed the top 4 tourist attractions in Gotland which are classified as must-see attractions. Here is the list.

1. Visby:

During  the summer season in Sweden, the city becomes full of rose-draped cottages; turrets, towers, and spires; leafy bowers; serpentine cobblestone streets; and cute shops. Go to one of the cafes and feel the medieval surroundings.

The food there is so delicious especially the pancakes. Strolling around town to see the many medieval sights and a walking tour along the 3.5-kilometer-long medieval city walls are among the best activities you will do there. Also, visit St Mary’s Cathedral and St Nicholas’ Church and enjoy their unique architecture.

2. The Town Walls of Visby:

The town walls of the Visby are spectacular. They are about 3.5 kilometers long and were built in the 13th century. The walls have 44 towers each one of them is 15 to 20 meters high.

You can visit the Maiden’s Tower where legend has it that the daughter of a Visby goldsmith was walled up alive for betraying the town to the Danes out of love for the Danish King, Vladimir Atterdag.
There are tours in English and they run east to the line of cliffs, turn south at the town’s main gate , follow the edge of the cliffs to Söderport, and finally veer west to end at the ruins of Visborg Castle overlooking the harbor.

3. Gotlands Museum:

If you are at Gotland, you must see its museums. The Main Gotland Museum was founded in 1875. The museum includes Permanent exhibitions, antiquities and artifacts dating back some 8,000 years from the Stone Age to Viking times. You will learn a lot about the nature and history of the area.

Try to see most of the great highlights such as the shores of the Baltic, the world’s biggest hoard of Viking silver, and priceless runic stones.

4. Blue Lagoon:

It is a popular spot for a cool dip during the hot summer months. The Blue Lagoon is located on the island’s north coast. It keeps the heat so its temperature is great for swimming.

• The Conclusion:

You will like everything in Gotland. It is one of the destinations where everything is beautiful and calm. If you are searching for a place to enjoy your summer, Gotland must be your destination.


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