Top 4 Tourist Attractions in Gotland, Sweden

Gotland, Sweden castle

Gotland Sweden is one of the most popular summer destinations in Europe. It is the summer vacation island of southeast Sweden, just like Tromso is to Norway. Annually, thousands of tourists come here to enjoy the landscape; the beaches; and festivals such as Medieval Week in August. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and you can arrive there by sea or air.

We have listed the top 4 tourist attractions in Gotland which are classified as must-see attractions. Here is the list.

1. Visby:

During  the summer season in Sweden, the city becomes full of rose-draped cottages; turrets, towers, and spires; leafy bowers; serpentine cobblestone streets; and cute shops. Go to one of the cafes and feel the medieval surroundings.

The food there is so delicious especially the pancakes. Strolling around town to see the many medieval sights and a walking tour along the 3.5-kilometer-long medieval city walls are among the best activities you will do there. Also, visit St Mary’s Cathedral and St Nicholas’ Church and enjoy their unique architecture.

2. The Town Walls of Visby:

The town walls of the Visby are spectacular. They are about 3.5 kilometers long and were built in the 13th century. The walls have 44 towers each one of them is 15 to 20 meters high.

You can visit the Maiden’s Tower where legend has it that the daughter of a Visby goldsmith was walled up alive for betraying the town to the Danes out of love for the Danish King, Vladimir Atterdag.
There are tours in English and they run east to the line of cliffs, turn south at the town’s main gate , follow the edge of the cliffs to Söderport, and finally veer west to end at the ruins of Visborg Castle overlooking the harbor.

3. Gotlands Museum:

If you are at Gotland, you must see its museums. The Main Gotland Museum was founded in 1875. The museum includes Permanent exhibitions, antiquities and artifacts dating back some 8,000 years from the Stone Age to Viking times. You will learn a lot about the nature and history of the area.

Try to see most of the great highlights such as the shores of the Baltic, the world’s biggest hoard of Viking silver, and priceless runic stones.

4. Blue Lagoon:

It is a popular spot for a cool dip during the hot summer months. The Blue Lagoon is located on the island’s north coast. It keeps the heat so its temperature is great for swimming.

• The Conclusion:

You will like everything in Gotland. It is one of the destinations where everything is beautiful and calm. If you are searching for a place to enjoy your summer, Gotland must be your destination.


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Things to See in Tromsø Norway

Visiting Tromsø, Norway

Tromsø is located within the Arctic Circle in the northern Norway. It is the place with most of population in Norway. The city has many tourist attractions that can’t be found elsewhere. It is called that Capital of the Arctic.

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5 Activities in Punakaiki, New Zealand

Activities in Punakaiki New Zealand

If you are a nature lover, New Zealand is definitely on your to-visit-list. Punakaiki is a small town or kind of a small community located on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand. The whole community lives next to the Paparoa National Park too so if you are planning to visit the park, visit the community too.

It is a small area in the big world where you can really enjoy yourself. Let’s discover some of the activities and places there and you will definitely visit it. These activities were suggested to us by our friends at Always Preferred Restoration: When they are not cleaning carpets, they are traveling the world. Here are their Punakaiki New Zealand highlights:


1. The Pancake Rocks:

When you visit Punakaiki, you will hear a lot about the Pancake Rocks. It is the most popular tourist destination there and it is located at Dolomite Point south of the main village.

The area is a heavily eroded limestone. The sea view is magnificent as it bursts through many blowholes during the season of high tides.
The main attraction of the area is formed through the creation of pancake layering of the limestone. It is formed by immense pressure on alternating hard and soft layers of marine creatures and plant sediments.


2. Exploration of the Night Sky:

Join the groups formed for a naked eye exploration of the star studded southern night sky above the West Coast of the South Island. There is almost no light, dust or air pollution which makes the scenery extremely beautiful.

There will be a guide with you who will introduce you to the astronomy of the southern hemisphere and identify some of the major constellations and the path of sun, moon and planets through the signs of the zodiac to you.

These trips take about 1-1.5 hours, starting 30 minutes after sunset or later by arranging a special trip. Bring warm clothes with you because it is kind of cold during night, especially if traveling with an infant more precaution will be needed.

3. Underworld Rafting & Glowworm Cave Tours:

The community arranges trips and magical journeys of discovery in the enormous Nile River Glowworm Caves.
It is an adventure so be ready.

4. Make Your Own Knife:

If you want to amaze yourself, join the locals in making your own knife. You will forge the blade from red hot steel, and complete it with native timber handle, brass bolsters and pins.

5. Golden Sands Horse & Wagon Tours:

If you want to enjoy the scenery, travel in the footsteps of the early pioneers down the beautiful Barry town beach in a wagon.
Spend your night over the open fire, make traditional damper bread and learn about the history of the area. You will hear nice stories.

The Conclusion:

It is a simple place to spend some time away from the busy life. Go there to relax for some days and enjoy the pure nature and simple people.


How to survive air travel abroad with an infant

Every new mom will tell you that traveling abroad with an infant is really a problem. Not only will you not know what to take with you on the plane, but you will have trouble keeping your infant happy in the small space you have. However, this doesn’t mean that you should not travel abroad with an infant. It only means that you should make sure that you know how to survive air travel abroad with an infant.

Plan in advance

This is the most important thing to remember when you are flying abroad with an infant. You want to plan ahead. Make sure that you are able to take everything you need with you, without having too much hand baggage with you.

You should also consider where you are going to seat in the plane, making sure that you are going to consider other people around you as well. If you don’t plan ahead, you are going to land into serious trouble during the flight with a crying infant the whole time.

You might want to pay for that extra seat for your baby

Many parents think that they are going to save money, by letting the baby sit on your lap throughout the flight. It really doesn’t matter how long the flight is, this is going to become uncomfortable for you to have a baby on your lap the whole time.

This is why you want to consider paying for that extra seat for your baby. You can seat the baby in a car seat when he is sleeping. Giving you, some relax time. Remember that an infant can get easily tired if they are in the arms the whole time. And, think how tired he will be after a 12-hour flight.

You should have extra clothing for the infant as well as for you

By now, you might realize the importance of having extra clothing for the infant with you. There are always accidents happening, where you need to change the baby’s clothing.

However, the one thing that you should also make sure about, is that there is extra clothing for you as well. You know where those accidents are happening. Normally on your shoulder or lap.

The diaper bag should have everything you need during the flight

The last thing that you want, is to forget something at home. Something that really needed to be in the diaper bag. This is why you should double check the stuff that is in the bag. And, make sure that you don’t forget something essential. Enough bottles, formula and even some pain medication are essential.

You can fly with an infant and survive the flight. The secret is that you should make sure that you are aware of these tips and that you take every precaution to ensure that your baby, and you, are comfortable during the flight. Even, if this means that you should pay for the extra seat for the baby.