Things to See in Tromsø Norway

Visiting Tromsø, Norway

Tromsø is located within the Arctic Circle in the northern Norway. It is the place with most of population in Norway. The city has many tourist attractions that can’t be found elsewhere. It is called that Capital of the Arctic.

After seeing New Zealand, let’s discover the best places to visit if you are planning to visit Tromsø, Norway.

1. Tromsø Fjord:

IF you are a nature lover, this place should be your first destination when you reach Tromsø. Tromsø Fjord is an incredible glacial landscape. The word fjord means a narrow elongated sea inlet surrounded by steep cliffs; this gives you an idea about this landscape.

What is even more incredible is the work of glaciers on the local landscape. If you decided to go for a cruise trip with a professional tour, it will be the best thing you will do at this place.

2. Tove’s Art Glass Studio:

IF you travelled to any Nordic country before, you know that the colourful hand-crafted glass is the most popular souvenir to buy. At the Tove’s Art Glass Studio, you will be able to create your own art glass treasures beside the Arctic Sea.

The place is located on the Kvaløya Island, beside the waters of the Arctic Ocean. If you plan to visit it during the summer, the owners offer design courses for people who want to create something by themselves.

Visit the café located next to the studio and enjoy the Arctic Ocean while drinking your tea.

3. Tromsø Botaniske Hage:

In 1994, the Tromsø Botaniske Hage was opened and now it’s the world’s northernmost botanic garden. The garden is really impressive and it is operated by Tromsø University Museum.

The Arctic and Alpine areas have some unique plants; all the plants in the garden are found in these two areas.
If you want to visit the garden, visit the city during the summer season. The midnight sun’s view is surreal and the views in general are phenomenal. This is also a great place to takes kids if you are traveling with infants or toddlers.

4. Aurora Camp and Dog Sledding:

Your visit to the Arctic area will not be complete without watching the Northern lights. The Aurora Camp and Dog Sledding is a highly recommended place to enjoy this scenery.

It is best to plan to visit the city during winter. There will not be any daylight and the view is spectacular during winter.
You will stay in a Sami which is a tent with a campfire inside of it to keep the atmosphere warm.

The place allows you to stay as long as you want until you watch the lights.

5. Polaria:

It is a unique place to visit. It is classified as the most northerly aquarium in the whole world. The place is Arctic in nature and it is located in the centre of the city to it is easy to reach too.

The Conclusion:

Tromsø, Norway is a paradise for nature lovers. You will find incredible places to visit when you go.
Go there and enjoy the pure beauty of nature.


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