Visit Palm Beach County and Miami Beach

Palm Beach and Miami Beach

Miami beach is an icon of the American state of Florida whose sandy beaches and natural beauty is a source of attraction for people all over the world. Over the course of time, it has become a major financial center in the country while it has also managed to adhere to the cultural traditions of the state. The city is stuffed with skyscrapers such as Freedom Tower, Miami Tower and various other huge structures, which give an amazing view of Downtown Miami. The aerial view of the city at night is an inspiration for the artists. However, despite being a major financial hub, it has some of the world’s best beaches and historic places.

We were traveling across the United States and had visited most parts of Northern America when we decided to start our trip to the southern parts of the country. We came to the state of Florida in the mid of July and visited Tallahassee. After spending a few days here, we went to Palm Beach County, which is another iconic part of the state.

Exploring the lifestyle of Palm Beach County

Palm Beach County is one of the most popular counties in the state of Florida. It stretches from Florida’s Atlantic coast to its rural center. We reached here in the last week of July and booked a hotel near the Gilded Age Mansions. The restaurants here provide traditional food while the rich lines of fast food restaurants provide a delicious eating experience to people of all tastes. We explored the coastline of the county enjoying the sun at the sandy beaches. These beaches are iconic all over the world and you can see hundreds of foreign tourists resting under the sun.

There are a number of golf courses scattered all along the coastline. We also went to visit various museums here before we decided to go to Miami Beach, which is an hour’s drive from Palm Beach County.

Basking under the sun at the glorious Miami Beach

It is an island city in the state of Florida where South Beach, Ocean Drive and numerous marvels of architecture provide a warm welcome to the tourists. The beach is connected to the mainland area through bridges. We booked a hotel near Lummus Park and since we had reached here at night, we went to bed early. Next day there was a light cloud cover, which made the weather all the more beautiful. We went to Miami Beach and basked under the sun for a few hours. The time that we spend here became the highlight of our visit to Florida. We walked along the river and enjoyed the humming of the wildlife here.

We also visited the art deco here and enjoyed the amazing nightlife experience offered by the Island city. Next day we went to the Lincoln Road Mall, which is the best place for shopping and dining in the city. We took a stroll along the Lincoln Road and bought a few things for our future travels.


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